Bots Winter Months


Dumelang borra le bomma!

Our last blog wasn’t much of an update on how and what we are doing, so here’s a recap!

The last few months have been going well and we are pleased to have moved into a new house in early June. Our friends diligently helped us search for a place (the process is a little different over here to find a rental) and patience paid off! We moved into a spacious three-bedroom house in Monarch. This is the same township in Francistown where our work takes place at Mother Theresa. We are enjoying the privacy of our own space and are finding refuge here. It’s fun to set it up how we please and furnish it. We’ve always lived in apartments, so it’s nice to spread out! We still have some furnishing to do, but we’ve already enjoyed having friends over for dinner several times. We look forward to hosting many more evenings of fellowship and relationship building.

Work at Mother Theresa continues to move forward. The last few months repairs have continued at the facility (purchasing materials, hiring labor) and cleaning up the plot. In July, a local youth group and a South African youth group came to give their time and effort toward a service work day at MTRC. The youth groups went to work on the playground area, stripping off old paint and re-painting the playground equipment; as well as clearing off overgrown brush. Several groups of people have come into the center to help thrash growth and weeds, so it is looking quite nice. MTRC is looking to host another clean-up and painting day in August or September, with hopes of painting the exterior of the main building.  The MTRC program director and the two of us are now beginning to plan the after-school programming, with hopes of running it three days a week. With no running water at the facility, we are worried about operating a full five-day program if we cannot hydrate active children and youth. We continue to volunteer our time at the Saturday snack program that occurs every weekend. Hundreds of children come to participate and we have enjoyed leading them in arts and crafts, playing sports and games, and teaching them four-square (which they love!).

We are also considering and looking into other ministry opportunities and have been in contact with a local councilman who oversees various youth initiatives in the community. There are some other partners we have formed relationships with and hope to support through time and effort. Below are some pictures that pertain to the work that has been going on at MTRC and time spent with these new partners.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support! We are grateful for the opportunity to be here even though it is challenging at times.


Saturday morning activities at Mother Theresa Resource Centre




Volunteering with our friend through MVA Fund (Motor Vehicle Accident) to inform drivers about road safety and help prevent potential accidents.


Work day at MTRC

Light of the World youth group (Francistown) and a youth group from South Africa taking a break after working hard and adding color to the playground at MTRC.
Boys from the neighborhood working hard to clear the netball court for games.



Bokgoni Netball Club

Playing/learning about Netball with Bokgoni Sporting Club




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  1. Barry Cox says:

    Love the photos! Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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