Snapshots from Bots


Dumela friends!

Often pictures say more than words.  So, here are some pictures that hopefully give a glimpse into our first couple of months in Botswana…along with some words. Please note, if some of the pictures do not have visible captions, click on the picture. 

First few days in Botswana and Gaborone

Fresh off the plane!
Airport elephant made of tusks (above) & a beautiful baobab tree in the city centre of Gaborone (right)



Bontleng: Place of beauty

Nathan & Taryn Dirks hosted us and were gracious guides during our first days in Botswana.  They brought us to Bontleng Futsal Park in Gaborone, a park they helped design and build.  The park provides numerous recreational opportunities to youth in a safe and sustainable environment.  (Click on any of the 6 images below to read captions)


Thamaga Village Stay

Walk with host family
Chicken run!
(Upper left) afternoon tea, (upper right) hands-on visit to local farm, (bottom left) beautiful hills in Thamaga, (bottom center) glimpse of house porch and hut where we stayed, (bottom right) cute granddaughter who bonded with Lindsey
The matron of our host family. Blessing to all.

Life in Francistown

We moved to Francistown in mid-March. The two pictures below are of the       Mennonite-affiliated house where we have been living thus far.


Local park near city centre in Francistown
Traditional Botswana dance, based on animal movements. Children can choose to learn it while in school.
Visit with talented Francistown a cappella group: The U.C.M. (Young local entrepreneurs)
FullSizeRender 5
Celebrating our favorite one-year old’s birthday with good friends.
FullSizeRender 4
Sunset on Nyangabgwe Hill (overlooking F/town)
We enjoyed a visit from our supervisor Steve (top right). We are thankful for his helpful visit and for all of the great meals and conversations we had shared with him and new friends.


Mother Theresa Resource Centre (MTRC)

We are beginning to get more involved at Mother Theresa Resource Centre. We will start working there consistently/daily as the Fall program gets into full swing later in May.  These are some pictures from some visits we took to the feeding program that takes place on Saturdays (no captions).


FullSizeRender 5      FullSizeRender 4Meeting with community partners

Bokgani Sporting Club

We were invited to a netball exhibition game recently to see and learn more about the Bokgani Sporting Club.  This amazing NGO serves as a local park and positively impacts youth with a netball club and other sporting opportunities throughout the week. It seeks to empower youth and help them reach their full potential.


Thanks for visiting and catching a glimpse into our life right now. Also, thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we continue to transition to life and ministry here in Botswana.

Blessings to all,

Asher and Lindsey


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